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*Many fliers have been passed out and posted on the walls of Baal's castle and in the surrounding land. They say:

"Sex Education: Learning the do's and don'ts of Sex in the world!

Come learn from smart and beautiful ladies the rules of sex, and what you can do to prevent awkward situations!

Do miss out! Starts XX/XX/XXXX at 5 pm in Baal's Auditorium."

On it was a Picture of Kyoko and Raspberyl, but blacked out so one might not know who there were. In the auditorium where many of posters showing a cross view of sexual organs, STD's, abstinence, rape, and other sex ed related posters. Quite a few of them had Chibi Raspberyl talking about not sexually harassing fellow demons. There were a few Kyoko Clones around, handing out pamphlets, condoms, and bananas. The real one was one the stage with a Nurse hat on. She looked really happy, and was ready to start preaching to anyone who showed up.*
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*Kyoko was outside the castle, helping a lot more people then normal. She seemed to be running around helping everyone, and looking to do something that would be considered honorable for that bounty, but she didn't seem her cheerful self while doing them. She seemed depressed, and that is something rarely ever seen by most people. Will you see whats going on?*
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This tournament is a great place to spread the word of Delinquency! Using this deck, I'll will show everyone how great being a delinquent can be!

*Kyoko is looking for duels. Her deck is filled with cards that show off the signs of delinquency, from friendly people, to trap cards that involve cleaning and such. Oh, and she will give long speeches about delinquency to those who lose to her*
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*Outside Kyoko's room there is lots of Halloween decorations. Little cloth ghosts, cat black cats, and 4 jack-o-lanterns make it look like a real Halloween party. Inside, Kyoko, Dressed in a female warrior outfit(somehow the belt is covering her massive boobs..), except she still has the mask on, is going through all the treats she has. She has candy, healthy foods, and demon candy. all in different bowls.*

Ok, I'm ready for anyone! Let the trick or treaters come!
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*Kyoko is walking through the hallways, with a loud speaker.*

Everyone, we are in a very troubling time. All of our powers have been taken away! We must band together, and protect each other from the threats surrounding us till our powers come back. Please join me everyone. Together, we will get through this!

*Around her are some Prinny's, holding food, drinks, and some weapons. They are dressed as Kyoko, and seem to be hired by her to protect everyone. They seem to be holding off any weak demon that comes at them*

<small> OOC: This will be the place we all should get together, and hang out and protect ourselfs through this event. I suggest the mods through some mosters at us in this thread, so we can work together to try and fight them.</small>
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*Kyoko is in a dark corner of the building. For the past few weeks, she has been hiding from every she knows, because of whats been happening to her.

*Ever since she was dominated by Revya to save Raspberyl, she has been thinking darker, and darker thoughts. She hasn't been thinking of the next blood donation, or how to make Raspberyl's next dress. Instead, she has been thinking how much blood a prinny holds, and was to make Raspberyl scream. She has been trying to hold back these thoughts, but theu have been getting stronger and stronger.

*She Also has been doing honor student activities. At first the were little, like not cleaning her room, or not brushing her teeth, but they have gotten much worse, tripping old demons, throwing prinnies, and vandalizing hallways. Kyoko know this is wrong, but something is making her do this, and deep down, she likes it.

*And now we find Kyoko, huddeled into a courner like Chrona useally does, covered in blood. She just killed someone for the first time since becomeing a delinquent. And the scary part is: she liked it....

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OOC: All this takes place before the last conversation with Kyou in the previous journal

*kyoko is in the process of locating laharl. Useing her ninja skills and her clones, many kyoko's can be seen jumping around the building

Hmm he must be here somewhere. The building is large, and the sooner we start cleaning the better!
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*Kyoko stood ready, in the front gate. She was waiting for Nu, and anyone else, who wanted to take the class she was about to teach. That class is delinquency.

After watching My lady be a teach back in our world, I always wanted to try it out. Now with at least one student, I can actually be one! I put flyiers everywhere, so hopefully more people will come.

*And by everywhere, she really meant everywhere, there was one on every door, above every toilet(even the mens), and even on every safe in the bank.
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After seeing my new friend Nu, I realized that there are plenty of people here with only 1 set of cloths, and some of them are not suited for life here.. This is unexcecptable! As a delinqunt, I most help these people in need. So I decided to make a clothing drive!

*Kyoko was telling this to a prinny with an afro, as her clones were setting up the stand and the signs and the cloths.

"So, can I finally get some pants dood? Walking around naked is not all that its craked up to be dood."

Of course, here.

*She hands the prinny a pair of parachute pants. The Prinny beems, puts on the pants, and starts dancing away,

Its so nice to help people. Is everything set up clones?

*The clones appear next to kyoko, and salute.

Good. Dismissed.

*She cancles the clones, and sits down in a chair right below a banner that says, "Clothing drive, come get new cloths for free!" There are a bunch of chibi Raspberyl pictures along the banner.
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*Kyoko slowly opens her eyes. She finds herself in a very tiny room, with tiny chairs and such.

Huh, what happened? Last thing I remeber, I was going to go help some prinnies being harased by feral demons. And why is this room so small? Its cramped...

*She tries to get up, and bursts through the ceiling. When the dust clears, she notices she wasn't in a small room, but she was way too big for the room. She is at least 50 feet tall, and barely fits in the hallway of the castle while crawling. She is still wearing the cloths lent to her from Kanako, and they grew with her.

This has to be the work of scientists! Oh, I'm sorry!

*She acitedntly crushes a prinny. She moves away, and destroes the wall leading to the mens room.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
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Kyoko makes her weay to the baths early, to set up traps to deter any honor students from spying on the girls. She sets up alot of ninja traps, unseen unless by the trained eye all around the bats, from the front door, to the side windows, and even in the steam vent. When she is done, she waits for Asuka, Raspberyl, and Kanako.
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*there was a explosion in the kitchen, and black smoke poured from the doors and windows. Inside the smoke, humming could be heard. There we find Kyoko working hard over what looks like purple mud. There are several other kyoko's running around, setting up decorations, cutting cookies, and cleaning up.

Hmm hm hmmmm. Its almost done. With this, I could start our first charity bake sale! All donations go to the disabled prinny association. My lady will be so proud of me!

She takes out the picture of Raspberyl.

Oh My lady, I love it when I see you work so hard. Your so cute scamperingaround, helping the weak and needy. I would do anything to make your dream come true.


Ah, the cakes done! Go get that please.

*A nother kyoko takes out a cake from the oven... which seems to be vib rating oddly. She takes it out of the kitchen where a bunch of other odd food is set up nice and fancy on a table. The real kyoko comes out with a bowl containing the s\oddly solid purple liquid. She does a hand sign, and her clones disapear. She coughs slightly.

Welcome to the First Neitherworld Bake sale!!! Come get some freshly back sweets and food!
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Kyoko slowly opened her eyes. She was blinded by the light of the large moon above her for a second. She sat up, and shook her head.

"Ugh, where am I? What is this place?"

She looked around, and didn't see anything familure looking.

"I was supposed to go to Veldime to help in the feed the hungry event. This does not look like Veldime. I got to find someone, I must get back to My Lady and Auska!"

She starts walking around, hoiping to bump into someone, anyone.
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