beryls_lackey: (kyoko this is the truth)
2009-10-01 03:43 pm

We Must Band together!!

*Kyoko is walking through the hallways, with a loud speaker.*

Everyone, we are in a very troubling time. All of our powers have been taken away! We must band together, and protect each other from the threats surrounding us till our powers come back. Please join me everyone. Together, we will get through this!

*Around her are some Prinny's, holding food, drinks, and some weapons. They are dressed as Kyoko, and seem to be hired by her to protect everyone. They seem to be holding off any weak demon that comes at them*

<small> OOC: This will be the place we all should get together, and hang out and protect ourselfs through this event. I suggest the mods through some mosters at us in this thread, so we can work together to try and fight them.</small>