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*Kyoko is in a dark corner of the building. For the past few weeks, she has been hiding from every she knows, because of whats been happening to her.

*Ever since she was dominated by Revya to save Raspberyl, she has been thinking darker, and darker thoughts. She hasn't been thinking of the next blood donation, or how to make Raspberyl's next dress. Instead, she has been thinking how much blood a prinny holds, and was to make Raspberyl scream. She has been trying to hold back these thoughts, but theu have been getting stronger and stronger.

*She Also has been doing honor student activities. At first the were little, like not cleaning her room, or not brushing her teeth, but they have gotten much worse, tripping old demons, throwing prinnies, and vandalizing hallways. Kyoko know this is wrong, but something is making her do this, and deep down, she likes it.

*And now we find Kyoko, huddeled into a courner like Chrona useally does, covered in blood. She just killed someone for the first time since becomeing a delinquent. And the scary part is: she liked it....

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After seeing my new friend Nu, I realized that there are plenty of people here with only 1 set of cloths, and some of them are not suited for life here.. This is unexcecptable! As a delinqunt, I most help these people in need. So I decided to make a clothing drive!

*Kyoko was telling this to a prinny with an afro, as her clones were setting up the stand and the signs and the cloths.

"So, can I finally get some pants dood? Walking around naked is not all that its craked up to be dood."

Of course, here.

*She hands the prinny a pair of parachute pants. The Prinny beems, puts on the pants, and starts dancing away,

Its so nice to help people. Is everything set up clones?

*The clones appear next to kyoko, and salute.

Good. Dismissed.

*She cancles the clones, and sits down in a chair right below a banner that says, "Clothing drive, come get new cloths for free!" There are a bunch of chibi Raspberyl pictures along the banner.
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*there was a explosion in the kitchen, and black smoke poured from the doors and windows. Inside the smoke, humming could be heard. There we find Kyoko working hard over what looks like purple mud. There are several other kyoko's running around, setting up decorations, cutting cookies, and cleaning up.

Hmm hm hmmmm. Its almost done. With this, I could start our first charity bake sale! All donations go to the disabled prinny association. My lady will be so proud of me!

She takes out the picture of Raspberyl.

Oh My lady, I love it when I see you work so hard. Your so cute scamperingaround, helping the weak and needy. I would do anything to make your dream come true.


Ah, the cakes done! Go get that please.

*A nother kyoko takes out a cake from the oven... which seems to be vib rating oddly. She takes it out of the kitchen where a bunch of other odd food is set up nice and fancy on a table. The real kyoko comes out with a bowl containing the s\oddly solid purple liquid. She does a hand sign, and her clones disapear. She coughs slightly.

Welcome to the First Neitherworld Bake sale!!! Come get some freshly back sweets and food!


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