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This tournament is a great place to spread the word of Delinquency! Using this deck, I'll will show everyone how great being a delinquent can be!

*Kyoko is looking for duels. Her deck is filled with cards that show off the signs of delinquency, from friendly people, to trap cards that involve cleaning and such. Oh, and she will give long speeches about delinquency to those who lose to her*
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After seeing my new friend Nu, I realized that there are plenty of people here with only 1 set of cloths, and some of them are not suited for life here.. This is unexcecptable! As a delinqunt, I most help these people in need. So I decided to make a clothing drive!

*Kyoko was telling this to a prinny with an afro, as her clones were setting up the stand and the signs and the cloths.

"So, can I finally get some pants dood? Walking around naked is not all that its craked up to be dood."

Of course, here.

*She hands the prinny a pair of parachute pants. The Prinny beems, puts on the pants, and starts dancing away,

Its so nice to help people. Is everything set up clones?

*The clones appear next to kyoko, and salute.

Good. Dismissed.

*She cancles the clones, and sits down in a chair right below a banner that says, "Clothing drive, come get new cloths for free!" There are a bunch of chibi Raspberyl pictures along the banner.


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